art coaching:
in the classroom

this is how a set of 6 sessions might go for an artist that needs to take it to the next level:

session 1: latest hurdle

your latest drawing is someone hitting a baseball, but something is a little off. it turns out: the hitter's face doesn't look like the face of somebody trying hard to hit a ball. so this first session we learn to draw a set of facial expressions, not in detail, but enough to tell them apart from each other so you can pick one to use for the hitter.

session 2-4: coaching

we focus on the face you picked, filling in the details so it looks convincing: the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. we end up drawing a lot of eyes, eyebrows, noses and mouths.

session 5: one more time

redraw the latest drawing from session 1 with what we learned since then.

session 6: next hurdle

try a new drawing with another hurdle.

class room setup

B: walkarounds

the coach walks around from artist to artist, ensuring that each artist gets their fair share of 1on1 time with the coach.

C: coaching

while walking around, the coach is either identifying a hurdle or making sure the artist is working on the coaching points that address the hurdle.

A: projection

when it makes sense to address a coaching point for 2 or more artists, we use the projector to do it.

drawing station setup

while in class, artists are assigned a small easel, some paper, a pencil and an eraser. artists may also bring their own tools.

on one part of the paper, the artist posts the latest drawing where the hurdle is identified. everywhere else on the paper the artist practices the coaching points.